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This year's Gala Fund-A-Need includes three important components.

Harmony in Communication: The Sound of Safety and Connection
New Intercom System
Imagine a school where every announcement resonates in every corner, where safety and information flow seamlessly through the air. Our goal is to upgrade our original and outdated intercom system, reaching every room, hallway, and office. Let's create a symphony of communication for a more connected Holy Spirit Catholic School. Goal: $30,000

Enchanting Surroundings: A Haven of Beauty for Our Little Ones & Parish Family
Upgraded Fencing for Izzy's Field
Izzy's Field is a place of joy and laughter during preschool recess, sports practices, and parish events. The new preschool playground, pavilion, and adjoining field will be surrounded by a brand-new fence that speaks of safety and charm. Help us beautify our campus and reduce upkeep efforts. Let's make Izzy's Field a magical haven! Goal: $10,000

Comfort in Unity: Where Every Seat Tells a Story
Holy Spirit Gym & Classroom Furniture
Gather around, dear friends, for our final act – a tale of comfort, unity, and shared moments. The gym echoes with concerts, programs, and Mass, but we need your help to fill it with new chairs to experience these events better. Let's replace the worn-out storage rack, a silent hero in disrepair, and sprinkle new chairs and desks throughout our beloved school building. Together, let's create spaces where stories unfold and hearts connect. Goal: $35,000

Our Collective Symphony: A Gala Goal of $75,000
In the spotlight of our dreams, we invite you to join hands and hearts. Every dollar pledged brings us closer to a more vibrant, safer, and united Holy Spirit Catholic School and Church. Let's raise $75,000 together – a melody of love, support, and boundless possibilities.

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