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About the Holy Spirit Gala

The Gala is Holy Spirit's annual fundraiser to benefit both the school and church.  All funds raised stay at Holy Spirt and are used for both specific projects and general operating needs. 

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2024 Gala Theme

Holy Spirit Gala guests notoriously love a Gala theme.  In 2024, we invite you to enjoy a "Night at Sea" to include cocktail attire, luxurious food and drink, incredible entertainment and an amazing night with your Holy Spirit community as we raise funds supporting Holy Spirit Catholic School & Church.

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Inspired by Stella Maris

Stella Maris, “Star of the Sea,” is one of the most ancient and beloved titles by which people, particularly seafarers, have called and called upon our Blessed Mother. As the North Star, this trustworthy guide led sailors across the sea. They relied on its direction because the lights remains fixed throughout the night, serving as a steadfast point in the heavens. In short, she knows the way.


We, too, are travelers on a journey across great waves. In the nave of her own ship, she navigated unchartered waters and carried Christ to His birth for the world. And she continues to carry each one of us—across the waves—to her son, Jesus. Let her light guide you toward His light.

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